Proud to be your partner in care

Working with families and experts, we aim to provide the best care for children with complex medical needs.

 Our mission

We believe every child deserves a childhood 

So we envision a world where all children, regardless of their condition or situation, have access to the medical care and support they deserve.


children in our care in 2023

No. 1

the largest PPEC provider in the country


years of combined experience

Our vision

We focus on children with complex needs

We seek to be the leading provider of services for families of children with complex medical needs. 

A mission to have an impact

Before Spark Pediatrics, children with complex medical needs were left behind by the medical and care communities, stuck at home or in a hospital. Reliable care was hard to come by. Daycares were not equipped or trained to support their condition. Childhoods were spent in isolation. 

We envisioned a safe and joyful place for these children. Our medical daycares offer the most advanced medical care and therapies in a social daycare setting. Children can experience friendships and participate in activities designed just for them. Families can rest assured that we are uniquely able to understand and meet their child’s needs. 

Our team has decades of combined experience supporting a wide range of conditions. We have an ambition to ensure every child has a chance to develop and reach their full potential. And we work within our local and medical communities to better support our families.

Our Principles

Advocate for our families

Ensure safety and inclusivity

Connect and build communities

Embrace the service mindset

Our Director’s of Nursing

We’re passionate about pediatric care.

Stacey Vinci
DIrector of Nursing
Yovany Gongora
Sheree Pritchard
Alexis Breuil
Nicole Martinez
Jacquelyn Roslyn
Dithmar Santos
Lisandra Perez
Christina Coltrane
Angela Otto
Yovany Gongora
Elia Figeroa
Angela Diaz
Ellenora Collingwood

Meet our team

Our executive team is driven by our mission and passionate about advancing pediatrics.

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Melissa Lacy, MSN, FNP-BC
Chief Nursing Officer
Jeff Soffen
Chief Executive Officer
Justin Chipman
Senior Director of Operations
Leigh Robbins
Chief Operating Officer
David Cwiertna
Chief Financial Officer

Our Board

Our work is supported by some of the best minds in innovative healthcare.

Jonathan Lane
Altitude Capital
Managing Partner
Donna Lodato
Spark Pediatrics
Former CEO
Curtis Lane
Elements Health Investors
Robert Fuentes
Town Hall Ventures
Vice President
Anna Fagin
Town Hall Ventures

We’re here for your family

A dedicated team with a passion for pediatrics. If your child has complex medical needs, we’d love to share more about our care.