Meet your Director of Nursing:

Angela Otto

Angela comes to us with over 34 years of nursing experience. She holds a Master of Science in Nursing and is a Certified Nurse Manager Leader.

Prior to joining us at Spark Pediatrics, she was a part of HCA Florida Blake Hospital as the Director of Critical Care Services for two years, St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital as a nurse manager in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Center for three years, and the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital as Nurse Manager in the Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Center and Pediatric Intensive Care Units for nearly 20 years.

Outside of work, Angela enjoys traveling with her husband and spending time with family and friends—especially her nine grandchildren. In her own words, “My entire career has been dedicated to care of critically ill and medically fragile pediatric patients in the acute care setting. I love that we have the opportunity beyond the acute care setting to make a difference for these special patients and their families every day.”

Come and see for yourself 

Our team of nurses and aides provide best-in-class medical care.

Safety for every child and condition

Meets their social needs

Support for your whole family

Reliable care

Open 12 hours a day so you can go to work, school, or care for family.

Daily updates

Stay up to date, every day, on your child’s care.

Free transport

From door to door — including pick up, drop off, and provider visits

Free with Medicaid 

Covered by Medicaid, Medicaid-managed plans, and many other insurance providers. 

Care coordination

Working directly with your medical and insurance providers on your behalf.

Community resources

Access to support through our network of hospitals, support groups, and nonprofits.

Therapy comes to us

Your child will receive all of their physical, occupational, and speech therapy here.

Licensed for safety

By the appropriate Medicaid agencies in your state.

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All you have to do is call — we’ll take care of the rest.


Families everywhere love Spark Pediatrics

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“For these families to have a center with dedicated staff for their children... they have the peace of mind that their children are well cared for.”

Regional Director

“[My sons] are very complex, and they have a lot of demands. So anyone that has to work with them has to really know them, it’s really important they know how to deal with them, and it's something that I see in [the staff at Spark]. Because they know them, and they know they are very complex, and they know they need special attention.”

Foster mom to two sons

“I love [Spark]. I wish my boys could stay longer … They know how to crawl now! One of my babies, he's trying to walk and he knows how to stand up. There’s a lot that they're teaching them at PPEC that they were never taught before.”

Mom to NICU twins

“As a Medical Director, it’s my job to ensure our teams are providing top-notch medical care. And the Spark teams just go above and beyond. They take safety seriously and work really hard to ensure every child is treated as an individual — with their own care plan, needs, therapies, you name it. I would recommend Spark to any family with a child that has complex medical needs. It’s the one place where you know the child will be safe and have a chance to truly be a kid.”

Dr. Rodriguez

Medical Director

“My son was born very premature and diagnosed with global developmental delay and came home with a trach and ventilator after a 9.5 month NICU stay. When he turned 2 … I talked to my son's complex care PCP at Texas Children and she highly recommended Spark. Our pulmonary doctor at Texas Children was also on board with my son going to Spark. My son has been attending Spark for more than a year and we absolutely love, love Spark. The nurses and staff take the best care of the children and I know my son is in a great environment where he can learn and play. His cognition abilities have improved since attending Spark and they always have the best activities for the children throughout the week!”

Mom of 2-year-old son

“They think of your child first. Your child goes first in their mind. And they'll do anything to make your child happy, and yourself. It's wonderful how well they seem to be able to link the two. Because sometimes you can only satisfy a child and the parent won't be happy, but that hasn't happened with me. They've been able to satisfy the both of us.”

Mom of 6-year-old daughter

"We chose [Spark] services so my child would be included. She’s surrounded by kids that are like her."

Parent, Houston Center

“I can say from the experience I’ve had with Spark that it’s the best place for the kids. You know, the kids who need [support]. And if I have a friend or family who has kids like my son, we recommend them to go to Spark because they treat them very well.”

Father of 15-year-old son

“When my son was receiving treatment, we were there together for about 10 months. It was just me, him, and a hospital setting. How do I start to detach from that? My Spark center staff, from day one, kept the communication going … and that helped a lot.”

Mom of 4-year-old son

“We’ve worked really hard to cultivate clear and transparent channels of communication between our team, our families, and their care providers. We believe that’s the key to giving our kids the best possible care. Every kid that comes in our doors is a growing little individual, and we want to make sure their care plan accounts for their unique needs, personalities, and developmental goals.”

Dr. Gonzalez

Medical Director

“It has to be clear for me that I'm gonna put my baby somewhere that I like and that I feel safe … And when I went to Spark, I can say that the center staff were the ones that gave me confidence… They explained how it works and gave me a lot of information… And I can tell you that I have a PPEC close to my house, but … Spark is the one that makes me feel better and comfortable.”

Mom of 1-year-old son

“I am Haitian and my son was born in Haiti. So it’s a pleasure for me that there is a Haitian lady there … she's like my family… And [she] told me that they feed [my son] rice and beans. I was happy to hear that. Let’s feed him good with the heartbeat of food!”

Father of 15-year-old son

“As a Medical Director, I would recommend Spark to any family with a child that has complex medical needs. It’s the one place where you know the child will be safe, and have a chance to truly be a kid. The nursing staff well trained in complex medical issues in every child’s care. Safety and sanitation protocols are unmatched and the best testament of all is that the children look forward to coming in every day to the center!"

Dr. Khub

Medical Director

“There's a very big group effort to create that sense of security. Kids like when they're happy, where they feel the most comfortable and the most safe.”

Director of Nursing

“[We really look for] someone who, even if they're not a mom, has that motherly instinct — like, “I just want to scoop you up and love you like you're my own.” I'm such a mama bear to these kids. I always say, I have two kids on my own, but I've got like 22 at work like I would take all of them home with me if I could. You have to have that love for pediatrics and you have to be able to prioritize.”

Director of Nursing

“I’m a single mom and they see that … They lent me a helping hand and they’d say, “Just let us know. We can help out daily with your kids. We can work around you…” This school is such a big help. Not only for me, but for my son. Because I love people that love my kids, and they really do love [my son]. They bend over backwards for [my son] like he’s their child.”

Mom of 5-year-old son

“I don't know how many more words I can use to thank Spark … because [my daughter] wouldn't be where she is right now if it wasn't for PPEC. They were able to give her the attention she needed. The medication she needed. They made her feel loved.”

Mom of 6-year-old daughter

Absolute wonderful place to work! Spark Pediatrics cares deeply about the children, their family and also the employees working for the company. I highly recommend this PPEC!

Yesica Rijo

Google Reviewer

"We chose [Spark] because we had a challenging year the year prior. My mother passed away and she was my support. I wasn’t interested in the school system because I know my daughter needs specialized care. PPECC was a better option for us because I still wanted the opportunity for socialization without using the school system. The service has been a godsend."

Parent, Houston Center

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Clear communication at every step

What is a PPEC?

Known as a PPEC, PPECC, or by other acronyms in different states, the definition of a PPEC is a medical daycare center staffed by nurses and aides who care for children with complex medical needs — up to 12 hours per day, and up to age 21. It’s a safe place for children to receive the medical care and therapy they need, while benefiting from a social environment. 

Will my child qualify?

Our centers treat children with a wide variety of conditions that require skilled nursing care. We care for children from birth (including premature babies) up until age 21. If your child requires daily medical care, they may qualify. Give us a call and we can discuss whether Spark is the right fit for your family. 

Who pays for this care?

PPEC services are completely covered by Medicaid, Medicaid-managed plans, and some insurance providers — at no cost to families. We work with the family's provider, and handle all communications and paperwork directly so there is no additional burden.

What if I don't live near a center?

Spark Pediatrics coordinates transportation from door to door. A member of our team will escort the child at all times and ensure their safety. This service is provided for free. 

Give your child a childhood

We'd love to meet you and your family. Set up a time to speak to someone on our team and come in for a visit.