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Safe medical daycare

Every center provides daily medical care delivered in a social, daycare setting. We are licensed by the appropriate Medicaid agencies in each state.

Therapy sessions at our center

We bring speech, occupational, and physical therapy sessions to the child. Behavioral and mental health therapy is also available.

Transport to all provider visits

We support each family’s care coordination, and offer free transportation to and from provider visits. And we'll share any updates or changes in care.

A highly-qualified team

All of our nurses and aides are required to have pediatric experience. And we require our Directors of Nursing to have worked in the NICU, PICU, or pediatric intensive care.

Collaboration and communication

Care takes a team. We work with you to ensure continuity of care and real outcomes, from setting a care plan to checking in.


What providers love about Spark Pediatrics

“As a Medical Director, I would recommend Spark to any family with a child that has complex medical needs. It’s the one place where you know the child will be safe, and have a chance to truly be a kid. The nursing staff well trained in complex medical issues in every child’s care. Safety and sanitation protocols are unmatched and the best testament of all is that the children look forward to coming in every day to the center!"

Dr. Khub

Medical Director

“As a Medical Director, it’s my job to ensure our teams are providing top-notch medical care. And the Spark teams just go above and beyond. They take safety seriously and work really hard to ensure every child is treated as an individual — with their own care plan, needs, therapies, you name it. I would recommend Spark to any family with a child that has complex medical needs. It’s the one place where you know the child will be safe and have a chance to truly be a kid.”

Dr. Rodriguez

Medical Director

“We’ve worked really hard to cultivate clear and transparent channels of communication between our team, our families, and their care providers. We believe that’s the key to giving our kids the best possible care. Every kid that comes in our doors is a growing little individual, and we want to make sure their care plan accounts for their unique needs, personalities, and developmental goals.”

Dr. Gonzalez

Medical Director

Our care is free and covered by Medicaid

From medical care to transportation to therapy, our comprehensive and personalized approach is 100% covered for children who qualify.

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Together, we can align on the child's needs and set goals.


Clear communication is our priority

What is Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC)?

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care, also known as a PPEC or PPECC, is a medical daycare center staffed by nurses and aides who care for children with complex medical needs — up to 12 hours per day, and up to age 21. It’s a safe place for children to receive the medical care and therapy they need, while benefiting from a social environment.

What does Spark Pediatrics do differently?

We are a nationwide PPEC. Our network of centers have provided care for children with a wide range of medical conditions. So we’ve developed our standards of care and safety from our combined wealth of pediatric experience across all locations. We’ve learned what provides the best outcomes, but we are constantly evolving our approach with the latest research and equipment. At Spark Pediatrics, every child has a chance to learn, play, and develop bonds and friendships in a social daycare setting.

How do we work with families?

We’ll collaborate with the family on their child's care plan, and work directly with their doctors and specialists to set goals and meet their medical needs. Their care plan will be regularly revisited to ensure we’re adapting to their development. We update families with daily communications and meet regularly to review our overall care. We know that care doesn’t stop when children go home, so we offer family-centered education and resources to support them.

Who pays for this care?

PPEC services are completely covered by Medicaid, Medicaid-managed plans, and some insurance providers — at no cost to families. We will work with the family's provider, and handle all communications and paperwork directly so there is no additional burden.

Why choose Spark Pediatrics over home care?

Our medical daycares give children a chance to experience childhood in a safe, social setting. Our nurses and aides are all required to have pediatric experience (more than is required for home care nurses). Every child in our care has a reliable team responsible for their development. From therapy to transportation, everything is covered by Medicaid.

How does our nursing team differ from home care?

All of our nurses and aides are required to have recent pediatric experience. Every center is managed by a Director of Nursing with NICU and/or pediatric intensive care experience. Our team always includes at least one registered nurse (RN) working alongside licensed practical nurses (LPNs), certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and home health aides (HHAs). They care for children with a wide range of conditions, providing medical care and supporting overall development. Private-duty nurses who provide home care are primarily licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and home health aides (HHAs) who are only permitted to administer medical care.

Have a family in mind?

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