Your child deserves specialized care

We see your child as an individual, and take a personalized approach to meeting their medical, therapeutic, developmental, and social needs. 


A national network of
medical daycares

We've created a safe place for children with complex medical needs to experience childhood to the fullest extent possible.

Licensed by the appropriate Medicaid agencies in your state

Medical care and daycare all in one place

Clean facilities equipped for all conditions

Shared spaces for dining, education, and play

Emergency preparedness and safety protocol

Safe pick-up, drop-off, and free transportation


A highly-qualified team for your child

We go beyond the state regulations for home health nurses and require that every member of our team has pediatric experience. 

Multiple staff supporting your child's development

Experience working with a diverse range of conditions

2+ years pediatric experience for nurses (RNs and LPNs)

1+ year pediatric experience for aides (CNAs and HHAs)

All Directors of Nursing have intensive care experience 

Multilingual and culturally-supportive care

Whole child

Weekly curriculum & therapy sessions

We offer an enriching daycare setting where your child can receive early education and therapy without leaving our center. 

Speech, physical, and occupational therapists that come to us

Behavioral therapy offered for children with autism

A network of local mental health professionals

Complete Funshine curriculum until school age

Five subjects including reading, science, and music 

Opportunities for enrichment and at-home learning

Whole family

Family education & support services

We ensure that you have the right equipment, training, and resources to care for your child at home. We'll be your family's support system.

Frequent education sessions targeted to support care at home

Free transportation that includes provider visits and check-ups

Daily communication via text or in person

A network of local nonprofits and social support services

All insurance and medical conversations are handled by us

Weekend, after-school, and summer care available

Social & fun

A place to be a kid

We love to see a child’s personality come alive when they come to Spark Pediatrics. Our goal is to ensure every child has a chance to experience a childhood.

Children grouped by developmental age

Activities designed for infants up to age 21

Science projects, arts and crafts, special guests, and more

A sense of normalcy and opportunities for social development

Fostering friendships, confidence, and interests

Birthday and holiday celebrations

A success story from one of our families

Mark immigrated from Haiti in the wake of the hurricane. As a single father, he was faced with the challenge of finding work while finding care for his 15-year-old son, Mark, who has complex medical needs. 

When we met the family at our Miami center, young Mark was unable to speak, sit, or feed himself. Today, he’s made amazing strides. He's starting to speak, get up and down by himself, and even feed himself simple foods, although he loves when Miss Marcella makes him his favorite: a Haitian staple, rice and beans.

We are honored to work with families like Mark’s and show them the way we care here at Spark Pediatrics.

“After a couple of months, my son tried to lay down, get up by himself, and sit by himself… he didn’t do that before.”

Dad of 15-year-old son

Spark Parent


Clear communication at every step

What does a child's day look like at Spark Pediatrics?

In the morning, we pick them up and bring them to our center. There, they'll typically engage in alternating sessions of learning and fun, care and therapy, meals, and naptime. Every child's schedule is personalized to their care plan and developmental needs, and they are assigned groups based on developmental age. We prioritize their medical care first, but strive to provide a balance of engaging, enriching activities that stimulate mental and social development. Therapy is also provided at the center according to their providers' recommendations. Every evening, we offer return transportation that accommodates the family's schedule.

What does Spark Pediatrics do differently?

We are a nationwide PPEC. Our network of centers have provided care for children with a wide range of medical conditions. So we’ve developed our standards of care and safety from our combined wealth of pediatric experience across all locations. We’ve learned what provides the best outcomes, but we are constantly evolving our approach with the latest research and equipment. At Spark Pediatrics, every child has a chance to learn, play, and develop bonds and friendships in a social daycare setting.

What if I don’t live near a center? Do you provide transportation?

Spark Pediatrics coordinates transportation from door to door — one of our team will escort the child at all times and ensure their safety. This service is provided for free.

Can you tell me more about therapy?

Children can receive all of their speech, occupational, and physical therapy without leaving our center. We have therapists who come to us, so families never have to miss work or school to take their child to a session. Our highly-qualified therapists will work with the child one on one and report back on their progress. For children who need it, we also offer behavioral therapy and access to mental health resources. Sessions are offered multiple times per week in accordance with the child's care plan.

Can you tell more about the curriculum?

At Spark Pediatrics, we offer the Funshine curriculum for children in our care. Our curriculum is meant to support children with complex medical needs. We introduce educational sessions within our daily medical care to ensure every child has a chance to thrive. Funshine covers five subjects including reading, science, and music. Every session is tailored to the child's developmental age and interests.

All free & covered by Medicaid

Everything we do is at no cost to you, from transportation to therapy to our best-in-class daily medical care. Schedule a time to speak with us and learn more.