Find Texas PPECC and Medical Daycare for Kids with Complex Medical Needs

The Spark Team

Parenting comes with many worries and anxieties, especially when you have a child with complex medical needs. Spark Pediatrics is here to help. Our Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPECC) center in Houston, Texas, offers the support and specialized care your child needs. Here’s everything you need to know about Texas PPECC services, Texas medical daycare, and Texas extended pediatric care.

What is PPEC?

Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPECC) centers provide medical, therapeutic, and developmental services for children with complex medical conditions. These centers have skilled nurses and therapists who offer personalized care in a safe and nurturing environment.

Services Provided:

  • Skilled nursing by registered nurses
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Developmental support

Benefits of Texas PPECC Centers

High-Quality Care: Texas PPECC centers offer personalized care plans tailored to meet each child’s unique needs.

Therapeutic Services: Access to physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help children develop and improve their quality of life.

Skilled Nursing: Experienced registered nurses provide continuous medical care and monitoring.

Support for Families: PPEC centers offer respite care, educational resources, and support groups to help families manage their child’s needs.

Why People are Lucky to Have Texas PPECC

Families in Texas are fortunate to have access to PPECC centers because they provide a high level of care that significantly improves the quality of life for children with complex medical needs. These centers offer a safe and supportive environment where children can receive comprehensive care, while parents receive the necessary support to manage their child’s health effectively.

How PPECCs Work

Texas PPECC centers operate during extended hours, typically 12 hours a day, to accommodate the schedules of working parents. They provide a range of medical and therapeutic services tailored to the needs of each child. Here’s how they work:

  1. Medical Assessment: Each child receives a thorough medical assessment to determine their specific needs.
  2. Care Plan Development: A personalized care plan is developed, including medical treatments, therapies, and developmental activities.
  3. Daily Care: Children attend the PPECC center daily, where they receive medical care, therapy, and participate in developmental activities.
  4. Family Support: Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress and access to support resources.

Why Choose Spark Pediatrics?

Spark Pediatrics is a trusted provider of Texas PPECC services, known for its comprehensive care and supportive environment. Here are some reasons to choose Spark Pediatrics:

Comprehensive Services: Medical, therapeutic, and developmental care all under one roof.

Experienced Staff: Pediatric registered nurses, therapists, and caregivers with specialized training in pediatric care.

Experienced Company: Spark Pediatrics is the largest provider of PPECC services in Florida and one of the largest PPECC providers in the country

Medicaid Coverage: All services are covered by Medicaid, ensuring affordable care for families.

Spark Pediatrics PPECC Center in Texas

Spark Pediatrics offers a PPECC center in Houston, providing high-quality care and support for children with complex medical needs. Here’s the location:

Houston Center: 1801 Binz St, Houston, TX 77004

How to Enroll Your Child in a Spark Pediatrics PPECC Center

Contact Us: To learn more about our services and schedule a tour, click here

Medicaid Eligibility: Children with complex medical needs who have a prescription from their doctor are eligible for PPEC services under Medicaid.

Enrollment Process:

  1. Contact Spark Pediatrics for more information.
  2. Schedule a tour of the center.
  3. Complete the enrollment forms with the help of our team.
  4. Work with us to create a personalized care plan for your child.

Additional Resources and Support

Parent Support Groups: Join our parent support groups to share experiences and find comfort in a community that understands.

Educational Materials: Access educational materials to help you understand your child’s condition and the care they need.

Daily Communication: Stay updated on your child’s progress with daily communication from our staff.


Choosing the right care for your child with complex medical needs is crucial. Spark Pediatrics is committed to providing the best Texas PPEC services, ensuring your child receives the comprehensive care they deserve. Contact us today to find out more about our Houston PPEC center and take the first step towards quality care for your child.

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