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The Spark Team

At Spark Pediatrics, we recognize the intricacies involved in caring for children with complex medical needs. Our mission is to provide safe and attentive daily medical care, alleviating the stress on families and ensuring that children have access to the joyful experiences of childhood.

We see ourselves not just as a care provider, but as a vital resource and support system for our community, striving to ensure that families feel informed and confident about their child's development. It means we're in an ongoing conversation with families, constantly looking for ways to improve our care and better serve them.

In our commitment to continuous improvement, we recently engaged with 13 caregivers from our network. These conversations were enlightening, helping us understand what families value about Spark Pediatrics and how we can further enhance our support.

The feeling of reassurance

We know how important a safe and welcoming environment is — especially when it comes to complex care that evolves daily with the child’s needs. Our families choose Spark Pediatrics because they see that safety is a top priority at all of our centers. From the moment they step inside our center, we give them confidence that their child will be safe in our hands. 

“I'm gonna put my baby somewhere that I like and that I feel safe. And when I went to Spark, I can say [that the center staff] were the ones that gave me confidence. I felt comfortable when I [went there] the first time. They explained to me how it works and gave me a lot of information.” - Mom of 1-year-old son

Specialized care and staff expertise

More than daycare or the public system, our team is uniquely capable and prepared to administer medical care.

“Anyone that has to work with [my sons] have to really know them in order to deal with them, and it's something that I see in Spark. Because they know them, and they know they are very complex, and they know they need special attention.” - Foster mom of two sons 

We only hire nurses and aides with pediatric experience. Our well-equipped centers are staffed with a full team that will attend to your child’s medical and developmental needs and ensure their safety. Our approach goes beyond what is offered by daycare or public systems. We employ experienced pediatric nurses and aids, ensuring a comprehensive team is always available to meet the medical and developmental needs of each child.

Socialization for development

Our families understand that socialization is a big part of childhood. And they can see the benefits of Spark’s daycare setting in their own children. 

From making friends and forming bonds to building confidence and learning new skills, we heard from our families how fulfilling it was to see their child experience a sense of normalcy for the first time — especially after weeks or years spent in medical care or isolated at home. 

“It feels like [my son] has an environment where he gets to be a kid a little bit. Go back to normal.” - Mom of 4-year-old son

While we set goals to help with essential developmental skills like improved eating, walking, or speaking, we also offer a curriculum and daily activities that help their children thrive in other ways. 

Celebrating individuality and growth

In these little moments beyond medical care, our team proves that we see each child as a unique, growing individual full of potential. 

“They threw my boys a little birthday party there. I love that they threw them a party because it's only me that deals with my kids. [It felt like] ... my kids really mean something to them.”  - Mom of NICU twins

There’s an unequaled socialization that comes from being around other children that can’t be replicated at home. We see each child as a unique individual, full of potential. This is reflected in our daily activities and in special moments, like birthday celebrations, which affirm our deep care and connection with every child.

Keeping families connected

Our families shared the importance of communication. Because of their child’s complex medical needs, having the ability to get real-time updates via text or photos helped them feel reassured in our care.  

“[Spark is] different from the first PPEC they went to. They never really gave me updates or anything but I get a lot of updates from the [Spark team]. They send pictures of the boys. It’s better than the other PPEC.” - Mom of NICU twins

This daily communication is just one way our team collaborates with families. From day one, we work with families to establish their child’s care plan and set goals for development. Regular check-ins are scheduled to make adjustments and share progress. 

Our team works hard to collaborate with every party involved in the child’s care — from the families to the child’s doctors, specialists, therapists and even community support organizations. This level of coordination provides critical support to overtaxed caregivers and ensures everyone is up-to-date on the child’s development. 

A support system

While our attention is always on our children, we want to support their families too. They are under immense pressure and forced to navigate some of the most complex systems. Our services are designed to flex to fit their needs. 

“I’m a single mom and they see that. They didn't judge me. They lent me a helping hand and they’d say, ‘Just let us know. We can help out daily with your kids. We can work around you…’ And they didn’t complain about it. This school is such a big help. Not only for me, but for my son. Because I love people that love my kids, and they really do love [my son]. They bend over backwards for [my son] like he’s their child.” - Mom of 5-year-old son

Our families shared their appreciation for the expertise and compassion of our team, seeing their center’s nurses as essential to their child’s life and their own well-being. From lending an ear to connecting them with community resources, our team always goes above and beyond. You can think of them like your extended family. 

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