Spotlighting Hope - Spark Pediatrics on NBC News!

The Spark Team

We're thrilled to share a special moment – Spark Pediatrics featured on NBC News! This segment explores the rise of medical daycares, also known as PPECs (prescribed pediatric extended care), showcasing our very own Clearwater center.

We'd like to extend our thanks to the Clearwater team for sharing their day with the crew, and for the incredible work they do every day for our kids. And special gratitude to the NBC News crew for telling our mission and story. We're so proud of the work we do here, and hope that segments like this help us reach even more kids.

Watch the spotlight video here: watch

For children with complex medical needs, medical daycares like Spark Pediatrics play a vital role in providing a sense of normalcy. At Clearwater, and at every center, our teams of nurses provide critical medical care tailored to each individual child’s condition or conditions, and foster opportunities for play, friendship, and age-appropriate learning activities. 

A Clearwater family's story

The Johns family were gracious enough to sit down and share their journey with us and NBC News, expressing gratitude for an early referral to Spark Pediatrics. Faced with their infant son Andrew's serious heart condition and other complex medical needs, the family found comfort in the staff's relevant conditional, and emergency, experience to ensure his daily safety and development. Beyond benefiting from team-based medical care, Andrew also gets to interact with other children, caregivers, and therapists.

"Spark Pediatrics became a second home for my child, where they not only receive medical care but also enjoy the joy of childhood. It's truly a blessing." - The Johns Family

Our mission is to ensure that every child has a childhood. And our daily goal is to ensure that Spark Pediatrics is a safe place for children like Andrew to thrive.

A case for PPECs

  • Comprehensive Care: Spark Pediatrics offers personalized, comprehensive care for children with complex medical conditions.
  • Normalcy and Play: Medical daycares provide a haven where children can experience childhood under the watchful care of our dedicated nursing team.
  • Impactful Services: Spark Pediatrics goes beyond medical care, providing therapy, education, activities, and transportation for every child.

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